Peace.Joy.Love.Laughter.Inspiration.Growth.Faith.Patience.Perseverance.Acceptance: All can easily be rolled into one to be the person i am, or more aptly,the person i seek to be. i have been a dancer all my life ,and dance is really what i believe i do best, even though there still are "miles to go"!! to move, create, inspire, share, build and grow together , through the vehicle of Dance is what i perceive to be my "calling" in Life. and there i find not only the pursuit of my dreams and my happiness, but also God's blessing, in its purest form .. God, Parents, Family, & F.R.I.E.N.D.S (!) blend into my system of "jewels" of Life. apart from them, i've been lucky enough to have had some incredibly inspiring teachers as "influences" : Jacquie Bird, Soraya Franco, Robin Merchant, Ashley Lobo to name a few .. Luam is yet another choreographer that deserves special mention.. as she has been one of the Hugest Sources of Inspiration to me(online only though)!!! JAZZ funk/lyrical and contemporary are areas of interest to me and what i work in :) its interesting to note how one is capable of tapping into one's various shades as a dancer, like an artist that dips into his palate for different colors: Spunk that screams out loud in a Funk piece; Profundity that comes through in contemporary,Discipline and Finesse in a Ballet piece , while sex appeal in Salsa, for instance.... is what intrigues me the most about these various forms , yet a commonality amongst them : a Passion to Express ......... Peace.

As i take you through this little blog, i hope you vicariously enjoy my journey as a dance artist! it has been one of immense joy and hard work, inspiration and growth, and a sense of being committed to my purpose... Gifts that I today seek to impart to as many as possible through this God-given vehicle of Dance !!!

Cheer$ !!

P.S: there is a lot more "detailing" that needs to be done.. Please (pretty please!) bear with me as i try and put this blog together!!! okay.. enjoy :)

Also, pardon me for the complete lack of chronology (the series of events per year) , but then Thats what I call "OrganiZed ChaoS" !!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pathways World School 2009-10 !

as Visiting Faculty for the Dance Department , Pathways World School ('09-'10) ;
I experienced the joy and challenges of having to teach a whole range of children spanning age groups between as little as 2 yrs (day care kids) and 18 years (Grade 12) !
It was fun to be able to teach all sorts: from an Asereje for the kids to a Rhydhun for the seniors, needless to mention a more hip Lady Gaga routine for the adolescent part of the school, the Middle school!

the School Building did manage to elicit responses like , "Wow! that looks like a resort!"from almost anyone who saw it. I tried to refrain from getting too carried away, but well.. i must confess to a few episodes of getting lost in the vast landscape that is Pathways!!

thats Norbu Tshering and I :
Visiting Faculty for Dance!

it was fun and a great learning
experience for me to work with him.
A natural with kids, he worked hard
to hone them not only into better
dancers but also more confident

Flying High :
during our Children's Day performance , wherein all the Primary School teachers danced to entertain the kids .. after all, its "their" day.. !

p.s: and this is one of my all time favorite pictures for obvious reasons!

a better view of us performing a Bollywood number for the kids! super fun!

chilling on a bean bag : after performance !

My favorite favorite grade in the whole school : Grade 1 !!!

all dressed up and beaming for 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti (if my memory serves me right!)!!


performing a piece called " Within Us" : a theatrical amalgamation of Jesus Christ Superstar, Rhydhun and Jai Ho(from the movie Slumdog Millionaire), showing different human dispositions like chaos, peace and a celebration of the human spirit .

This piece was performed by the Seniors for The Annual Founder's Day (December,2009) . However, due to the usual chaos before any show, I failed to click their snaps on D-day ! To give you an idea, however, are these pictures from their Dress Rehearsal!!! enjoy :)

Star jumps

the entire crew :D jumping for joy at the Grand Finale !!!!


Core Group Dancers of Middle School , grooving it to "UMBRELLA" (by Rihanna) , and freezing in the end !

p.s: Awww!! my haute girls and macho boys!! :D


Simply a snippet from the Founders' Day Tech Rehearsal ! Grade 4 performs as Norbu watches on ... !

sets during the day!

My "Korean Beauties" ! these are some incredibly cute Kindergarten Kids dressed up as Koreans! well.. owing to the vast racial diversity in the school , these kids dressed as Koreans, Africans, Asians, British etc.. and their piece was.. well.. worth a watch ;)

a mother dressing up her "African"
kid.. also my Centrestage Girl,

My "Girls" (and one boy LOL) on show day! and NO! those are NOT their costumes!! ;)

and that is "Gurkaran" (the first to get dressed haha!) alongwith "Aditya Vohra"(one of the Loudest kids you could encounter); almost as if to say , "you aren't ready yet lad??!!"

Our Kingdom Of Indians!and thats Little Pranav posing for me!!

Sophia, Amy & Anjali from Grade 2 playing the "fishes" they eventually performed as !

Alexandria and Jessica
goofing around as usual ..

memories etched out for a lifetime ...


okay, this insanely long post has finally come to an end! You may return to doing whatever it is that you were !!

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